LeciSil Suspension

LeciSil Suspension supports liver health and detoxification, improving overall liver function and well-being.


Ate Vit Capsule: Comprehensive blend of vitamins and minerals, providing essential support for women's health and well-being.


Atevit-9G Soft Gel Capsule promotes vitality, supports brain health, and boosts immunity with essential nutrients.


AtePro Soft Gel Capsule supports muscle growth, enhances recovery, and boosts energy with essential amino acids.


AteClav-625 fights bacterial infections, combining amoxicillin and clavulanate for enhanced antibiotic effectiveness.

Atefer Total

Atefer Total boosts iron levels, improves energy, and supports overall health with essential nutrients and vitamins.

Atefer Syrup

Atefer Syrup enhances iron levels, combats anemia, and boosts energy with a gentle, easy-to-digest formula.


Discover AteVit-Max Soft Gel Capsules: a powerhouse of essential nutrients for the whole family's health.


AteCal-Max Capsules combine a unique blend of essential nutrients to support bone health, joint function, and overall well-being.


AteCal-D3 Soft Gel Capsules support bone health, enhance calcium absorption, and improve overall skeletal strength.


Aten-Q10 Soft Gel Capsules support heart health, boost energy, and enhance overall vitality with Coenzyme Q10.


AtePara-SP provides relief from parasitic infections, promoting digestive health and overall well-being effectively.


AtePara-MF/DS Syrup treats parasitic infections, offering effective relief with a gentle, easy-to-administer formula.


AteZolid600 Tab treats bacterial infections effectively, providing potent relief with a trusted antibiotic formula.

ProAten Protein Powder

ProAten Protein Powder supports muscle growth, enhances recovery, and boosts energy with high-quality protein and nutrients.

Atebile 150/300

Atebile 150/300 aids digestion, supports liver function, and promotes overall digestive health with essential nutrients.

AteKast-F and AteKast-L

AteKast-F and AteKast-L Tablets relieve asthma symptoms, improving respiratory health and enhancing overall lung function efficiently.


Atedom-P relieves pain and inflammation, providing effective relief with a trusted combination formula.

Atexime-200 LB

Atexime-200 LB treats bacterial infections effectively with a combination of Amoxicillin and Lactic Acid Bacillus.

Atecort-6 and Atecort-30

Atecort-6 and Atecort-30 provide quick relief from inflammation with varying strengths for targeted treatment.

AteNine Sachet

AteNine Sachet supports digestive health and immunity with essential probiotics and nutrients in convenient sachet form.

AteVit capsules

AteVit capsules for men support overall health, energy, and vitality with essential multivitamins and nutrients.


AteRab-LS provides effective relief from allergies and respiratory symptoms with a trusted combination formula.
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